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Caravan Sat Nav Accessories.

Caravanning is one of the UK's favourite pursuits, and making it as easy and enjoyable as possible is a must. From dashboard mounts for holding your Ventura Sat Nav to carry cases and antenna extensions, we stock the very best adventure equipment. Our caravan accessories ensure you are able to enjoy your life on the road and make the most out of your Ventura Satellite Navigation device.

What’s more, our accessories are genuine Snooper products backed by our guarantee, with key features including full AC compatibility, antenna boosts for strengthening, and USB to mini UBS leads allowing all Snooper devices to be attached to your PC.

Snooper has a wide range of accessories for all of your caravan, camper and motorhome requirements and our team of experts are on hand to offer any advice you may need. Get in touch with the team at Snooper, by calling us on +44 (0)1928 579 579 or filling in our online enquiry form. 

11 producten
11 producten
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