DVR Adhesive low profile Windscreen mount

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€ 12,00

Securely fasten your Snooper DVR.

  • Easy to install
  • Circulating ball
  • Spindle adjustment

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Full Description

The Adhesive Windscreen Mount allows you to securely fasten your Snooper DVR device to the windscreen of your vehicle. Installation is simple, taking no more than a few seconds to attach to your windscreen. The mount includes circulating ball and spindle adjustments for mounting on both vertical and sloping windscreens.

Windscreen mount is compatible with the following Snooper models:

  • Snooper DVR-3HD
  • Snooper DVR-4HD
  • Snooper DVR-4HD (G2)
  • Snooper DVR-4HD (G3)
  • Snooper DVR-5HD
  • Snooper DVR-5HD (G2)
  • Snooper DVR-5HD (G3)
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